What is the difference between an object and a class?

What is the difference between an object and a class?

Class and Objects are diff but related concepts. Every objects belogs to the class and evry class have a one or more related objets.

Class are:
> A Class is static.
> A class combination of data(called data members)and functions(called member functions).
> Class is a userdefined datatype with data members and member functions.
> Classe defines object.
> One class can define any no of Object.
> Class is a template(type) or blue print its state how objects should be and behave.
Object are:
> Object is an instance of a class while a class can have many objects.
> Object is a dynamic.
> Objects are the basic runtime entities in an object oriented sysyem.
> Data and function which combine into a single entity is called object.
> Objects are instances of classes which identifies the class propeties.
> Object can't define classes.
> Object can created and destroyed as your necessity.
> Object is defined as a s/w construct which binds data and logic or methods(functions) both.

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