What is Conformance Testing?

What is Conformance Testing?

Conformance testing or type testing is testing to determine whether a system meets some specified standard . Conformance testing is basically known as compliance testing, Conformance tests mainly use for the capture the technical description of a specification and measure whether a product faithfully implements the specification. 

The testing provides developers, users, and purchasers, with increased levels of confidence in product quality and increases the probability of successful interoperability.

It is a methodology used in engineering to ensure that a product, process, computer program or system meets a defined set of standards. These standards are commonly defined by large, independent entities such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)conformance testing is often performed by external organizations, sometimes the standards body itself, to give greater guarantees of compliance.

Products tested in such a manner are then advertised as being certified by that external organization as complying with the standard.

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