What is Dynamic Testing?

What is Dynamic Testing?

Dynamic Testing is basically a Testing software through executing it. The system combines the basics of the pseudo dynamic test with a dynamic actuator, a digital displacement transducer and a digital servo mechanism. The digital servo mechanism has been introduced to ensure accurate displacement and velocity control, in which digital feedback control with a time interval of 2 msec has been performed continuously during actuator motion. 

Using the system, pseudo dynamic tests under sinusoidal and earthquake ground motion are carried out for a structure having a viscous damper, demonstrating that a perfectly real time pseudo dynamic test can be achieved by incorporating the modified central difference method into an extra buffer operation of the digital servo mechanism. dynamic test signals for analog circuits. Using the integral measure for characterizing time-domain signals, we extend the minmax formulation of the static test problem to the dynamic case. A sub-optimal solution strategy, similar to dynamic programming methods is used to construct the test waveforms. The approach presented here may be used to construct input signals for an on-chip test scheme or for the selection of an external stimulus applied through an arbitrary waveform generator .

Date:2023-01-09 00:00:00

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