Why Scalability and Load Testing is Important?

Why Scalability and Load Testing is Important?

These are terms defined as : 

Some very high profile websites have suffered from serious outages and/or performance issues due to the number of people hitting their website. E-commerce sites that spent heavily on advertising but not nearly enough on ensuring the quality or reliability of their service have ended up with poor web-site performance, system downtime and/or serious errors, with the predictable result that customers are being lost.

In the case of toysrus, its web site couldn\'t handle the approximately 1000 percent increase in traffic that their advertising campaign generated. Similarly, Encyclopaedia Britannica was unable to keep up with the amount of users during the immediate weeks following their promotion of free access to its online database. The truth is, these problems could probably have been prevented, had adequate load testing taken place.

When creating an eCommerce portal, companies will want to know whether their infrastructure can handle the predicted levels of traffic, to measure performance and verify stability.

These types of services include
* Scalability
* Load
*Stress testing as well as Live Performance Monitoring.

Load testing tools can be used to test the system behavior and performance under stressful conditions by emulating thousands of virtual users. These virtual users stress the application even harder than real users would, while monitoring the behavior and response times of the different components. This enables companies to minimize test cycles and optimize performance, hence accelerating deployment, while providing a level of confidence in the system.

Once launched, the site can be regularly checked using Live Performance Monitoring tools to monitor site performance in real time, in order to detect and report any performance problems before users can experience them.

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