How we use network drive mappings?

How we use network drive mappings?

If several load generators need to access the same physical files, rather than having to remember to copy the files each time they change, each load generator can reference a common folder using a mapped drive. But since drive mappings are associated with a specific user :

   > Logon the load generator as the user the load generator will use

   > Open Windows Explorer and under Tools select Map a Network Drive and create a drive. It saves time and hassle to have consistent drive letters across load generators, so some organizations reserver certain drive letters for specific locations.

   > Open the LoadRunner service within Services (accessed from Control Panel, Administrative Tasks),

   > Click the \"Login\" tab.

   > Specify the username and password the load generator service will use. (A dot appears in front of the username if the userid is for the local domain).

   > Stop and start the service again. 

Date:2028-01-09 00:00:00

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