How do you configure GUI map?

How do you configure GUI map?

Configuration is here :

>  When WinRunner learns the description of a GUI object, it does not learn all its properties. Instead, it learns the minimum number of properties to provide a unique identification of the object.

   > Many applications also contain custom GUI objects. A custom object is any object not belonging to one of the standard classes used by WinRunner. These objects are therefore assigned to the generic object class. When WinRunner records an operation on a custom object, it generates obj_mouse_ statements in the test script.

   > If a custom object is similar to a standard object, you can map it to one of the standard classes. You can also configure the properties WinRunner uses to identify a custom object during Context Sensitive testing. The mapping and the configuration you set are valid only for the current WinRunner session. To make the mapping and the configuration permanent, you must add configuration statements to your startup test script. 

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