What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?

What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?

> Applications may contain bitmaps that look and behave like GUI objects. WinRunner records operations on these bitmaps using win_mouse_click statements. By defining a bitmap as a virtual object, We can instruct WinRunner to treat it like a GUI object such as a push button, when we record and run tests.

> Using the Virtual Object wizard, We can assign a bitmap to a standard object class, define the coordinates of that object, and assign it a logical name.

      To define a virtual object using the Virtual Object wizard :

        * Choose Tools > Virtual Object Wizard. The Virtual Object wizard opens. Click Next.

        * In the Class list, select a class for the new virtual object. If rows that are displayed in the window. For a table class, select the number of visible rows and columns. Click Next.

        * Click Mark Object. Use the crosshairs pointer to select the area of the virtual object. we can use the arrow keys to make precise adjustments to the area we define with the crosshairs. Press Enter or click the right mouse button to display the virtual object�s coordinates in the wizard. If the object marked is visible on the screen, we can click the Highlight button to view it. Click Next.

       * Assign a logical name to the virtual object. This is the name that appears in the test script when we record on the virtual object. If the object contains text that WinRunner can read, the wizard suggests using this text for the logical name. Otherwise, WinRunner suggests virtual_object, virtual_push_button, virtual_list, etc.

        * We can accept the wizard�s suggestion or type in a different name. WinRunner checks that there are no other objects in the GUI map with the same name before confirming our choice. Click Next. 

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