How do you load and unload a compile module?

How do you load and unload a compile module?

In ordr to access the functions in a compiled module we ro load the module, We can load it from with in any test script using the load command ; all tests will then be able to access the function until we quit WinRunner or unload the compiled module.

We can load a module either as a system module or as a user module. A system module is generally a closed module that is invisible to the tester. It is not displayed when it is loaded, cannot be stepped into, and is not stopped by a pause command. A system module is not unloaded when we execute an unload statement with no parameters global unload.

load (module_name [,1|0] [,1|0] );

The module_name is the name of an existing compiled module.

> Two additional, optional parameters indicate the type of module. The first parameter indicates whether the function module is a system module or a user module : 1 indicates a system module; 0 indicates a user module.

(Default = 0)

> The second optional parameter indicates whether a user module will remain open in the WinRunner window or will close automatically after it is loaded : 1 indicates that the module will close automatically; 0 indicates that the module will remain open.

(Default = 0)

> The unload function removes a loaded module or selected functions from memory.

> It has the following syntax :

unload ( [ module_name | test_name [ , \"function_name\" ] ] ); 

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