WinRunner: What is the difference between virtual object and custom object?

WinRunner: What is the difference between virtual object and custom object?

Answer1 :

The virtual object is an object which is not recognized by Winrunner. The virtual object class like obj_mouse_click which works for that instance only. To work at any time, then we should forcibly to instruct the winrunner to recognize the virtual object with the help of Virtual Object Wizard.

Note : the virtual object must be mapped to a relavant standard classes only avail in winruuner. Ex : button (which is avail on the toolbar in a app. window) which is to be mapped to the standard class callled PUSH_BUTTON. when its completed then we can observe the TSL statment would be button_press(\"logicalName\") which is permanent one in we r winrunner.

GUI map Configuration :

It helps when winrunner is not able locate the object by winruuner. for ex : two or more objects will have same logical name and its physical properties then how winrunner locate the specific object. In which case that should instruct the winrunner to unquely identify the specific object by setting obligatory, optional and MS_WID with the help of GUI Map config.


we use the virtual object wizard in winrunner to map the bitmap object while recording winrunner generates the obj_mouse_click.

Custom object is an object which do not belong to one of the standard class of winrunner. We use the gui map configuration to map the custom object to standard object of the winrunner.


virtual object : image or portion of the window are made virtual object to use functions available for the object just for convenience in scripting.

virtual object captures the cordinates of the object.

custom object : general object which does not belong to winrunner class, we map this general object to winrunner standard object, i.e. custom object.

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