WinRunner script for Waitbusy?

WinRunner script for Waitbusy?

> only need to load once, best in startup script or wherever load( getenv(\"M_ROOT\") & \"\\lib\\win32api\", 1, 1 );

> returns 1 if app has busy cursor, 0 otherwise public function IsBusy(hwnd) {const HTCODE=33554433;

> 0x2000001 const WM_SETCURSOR=32;

return SendMessageLong(hwnd, WM_SETCURSOR, hwnd, HTCODE);

> wait for app to not be busy, optional timeout public function WaitBusy(hwnd, timeout) {const HTCODE=33554433;

> 0x2000001 const WM_SETCURSOR=32;

if(timeout) timeout *= 4;



if (SendMessageLong(hwnd, WM_SETCURSOR, hwnd, HTCODE) == 0) return E_OK;


> 1/4 second }

return -1;

> timeout error code }

> wait busy, provide window instead of hwnd public function WinWaitBusy(win, timeout){auto hwnd

; win_get_info(win, \"handle\", hwnd);

return WaitBusy(hwnd, timeout); }

> example of how to use it... set_window(win); WinWaitBusy(win); 

Date:2002-02-09 00:00:00

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