Tell me about the TestDirector?

Tell me about the TestDirector?

The TestDirector is a software tool that helps software QA professionals to gather requirements, to plan, schedule and run tests, and to manage and track defects/issues/bugs. It is a single browser-based application that streamlines the software QA process. 

The TestDirector\'s \"Requirements Manager\" links test cases to requirements, ensures traceability, and calculates what percentage of the requirements are covered by tests, how many of these tests have been run, and how many have passed or failed.As to planning, the test plans can be created, or imported, for both manual and automated tests. The test plans then can be reused, shared, and preserved. 

The TestDirector�s \"Test Lab Manager\" allows we to schedule tests to run unattended, or run even overnight. The TestDirector\'s \"Defect Manager\" supports the entire bug life cycle, from initial problem detection through fixing the defect, and verifying the fix. Additionally, the TestDirector can create customizable graphs and reports, including test execution reports and release status assessments.

Date:2002-02-09 00:00:00

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