Test Recorder about Control Points - Check Points

Test Recorder about Control Points - Check Points

> Any checkpoints should not be a component of X & Y Co-ordinate dependant. In practical terms if there is a Check point that is defined on X,Y Parameters then the usability of the control point wouldn\'t make any sense for the application to test. The following are some of the criteria which denotes the do\'s and don\'t\'s of checkpoints.

S.No Check Point Include Exclude

a Text Check Capture Text, Position of the Text, Font & Font Size, Text area,

b Bitmap Check only the picture Window or Screen that holds the picture, x-y co-ordinates,

c Web Check URL Check, orphan page Avoid any text validation

> As a case study, the WinRunner automation tool is mentioned here as examples for creating check points. Usage of OBJ_CHECK_INFO or WIN_CHECK_INFO can be avoided and inculcate the idea of creating always the GUI Check point with Multiple Property. The advantages are to identify every small object with its clause, properties and its relativity with the previous versions. This not only enables the Regression comparisons but also it gives you the flexibility of defining the GUI Checks in all Physical state of the Object. 

Date:2002-02-09 00:00:00

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