WinRunner: Test Director

WinRunner: Test Director

  WinRunner: Test Director  is bassiclaly defined as : 

  *  Test Director is a one-stop solution for organizing the entire test cycle.

    * It has four main tabs(categories) corresponding to the various phases in the testing cycle namely Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects.

    * Requirements can be entered and organized into various categories like login operations, database operations and so on.

    * After setting up requirements, test cases corresponding(covering) these requirements can be defined and associated with the requirements. A requirement can be covered by multiple test cases and a test case can cover multiple requirements.

    * The test plan can be defined with test cases each with test steps and can be manual or automated.

    * Test sets are created to group similar test cases and then the test sets can be run.

    * If a particular test set fails the run, after examination, the tester/QA can enter a defect in the associated defect tracking system. Attributes such as severity can be assigned.

    * Test Director allows two modes of operation - user and administrator. Administrator can create and update user and group accounts, configure mail, customize project lists, custom project entities and setup wokflow whereas the user doesn\'t have these privileges.

    * The six project entities are Requirement, Test, Test Step, Test Set(Execution), Run and Defect.

    * Test Director allows attachments(file, URL, snapshot) with requirements, test step, test case, test run or defect.

    * Test Director is flexible and can be customized within certain limits. Additional fields can be added in requirements, test case, test step, test plan and defects.

    * Test Director has what is known as favorite views wherein any view or report or graph can be made to look as the user wants it to. The user can make only certain columns viewable and make it a favorite view.

    * Test Director also has filters to filter test cases, requirements, defects by any of the various attributes like severity, assigned to etc.

    * Test Director also has an Exection Flow option which is used to schedule automated test cases.

    * Work flow is setup by the administrator which includes creating Visual Basic modules to save data before entering a bug in a defect tracking system, to perform operations before opening a bug form, after a bug field is changed and so on.

    * Test Director also a comprehensive document generator utility to develop professional reports for the testing process.

    * Also reports and graphs corresponding to requirements, test plan, test lab and defects can be created.

    * The host machine can also be configured while running the test sets. 

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