WinRunner: How to check a property of an object on the web page

WinRunner: How to check a property of an object on the web page

The most flexible and dynamic GUI check point is the Multiple Objects Check point. This feature allows you to view the objects before selecting them, and then gives you the opportunity to select with properties of the object you want to test.

Steps to Verify contents of a list box:

1. Turn on record in context sensitive mode (this will create GUI objects for you, if you try using insert function only the code will be created, and you will then have to run in update mode to generate the gui checks).

2. Select Create -> GUI Check -> Multiple Objects

3. Next the Create GUI check point window will come up

4. Press the Add button

5. Now move the cursor around the screen and select the object(s) you want to test.

6. When done selecting the objects press right mouse

7. Now you will be brought back to the Create GUI check point window. Listed in the window will be the object(s) you selected. For each object a list of properties will be selected. Using the check boxes on the left select which values you want to check. To view the content of the values, click on the < � > in the expected results.

8. By clicking on the < � > the edit check window will come up, that will allow you to edit the values.

9. When done press OK on all windows. Then the following code will be added to your script.

win_activate (\"Browser Main Window_0\");

win_check_gui(\"State Selection\", \"list1.ckl\", \"gui1\", 1);

10. To modify or edit your GUI check point select Create -> Edit GUI checklist, and the Create GUI check point window will come back up. 

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