ADO.NET is data access layer

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We create a connection for database after that we queried the information from database.

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Data Provider is a set of components including:
1.The Connection object (SqlConnection, OleDbConnection, OdbcConnection, OracleConnection)
2.The Command object (SqlCommand, OleDbCommand, OdbcCommand, OracleCommand)
3.The DataReader object (SqlDataReader, OleDbDataReader, OdbcDataReader, OracleDataReader)
4.The DataAdapter object (SqlDataAdapter, OleDbDataAdapter, OdbcDataAdapter, OracleDataAdapter).
DataSet object represents a disconnected cache of data which is made up of DataTables and DataRelations that represent the result of the command.

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ADO stands for ActiveX  Data Object .ADO.NET is an object-oriented set of libraries that allows  to interact with data sources.  The data source is a database, but it could also be a text file, an Excel spreadsheet, or an XML file.ADO .NET consists of classes that allow a .NET application to connect to the data source, executes commands and manage disconnected data. One of the key Differences between ADO.NET and other database technologies is how it deals with Challenge with different data sources, that means, the code you use to connect to an SQL Database will not differ that much to the one connecting to an Oracle Database.

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