What is object file?

What is object file?

Object file is used to store the instruction given by machine language and Data. Data should be same as programer used to make an executable program.

Object file are of 3 types.Those are given below:
1.An executable file
2.A relocatable file 
3.A shared object file
1.An executable file: It has program that does not create problem at execution time. It also display the image of process.

2.A relocatable file: It has Data with their code those does not create link with other object file for make an executable file.

3.A shared object: It store data and their code those suit for link in 2 contexts.
3.1The shared object file with other relocatable and shared object files to create another object file processed by link editor.
3.2 Using dynamic link we combine with an executable file, Other shared objects is used to make image of process.

By:Vivek Kr. Agarwal
Date:2031-12-08 00:00:00

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