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What is Ant?

What is a build tool?

How many types of build tool you know?

What is different between Ant and Make?

What is History of Ant?

Which version of Java is required to run Ant?

Why do you call it Ant?

How you can Prepare a project in ANT?

From where we can download Ant latest version?

How we can set the PATH environment variable of ant?

How you can clean or delete workspace using Ant?

How we can set compile target using Ant? Or How we can compile source using ant?

How we can create a jar using Ant?

How we can run jar using ant?

How you can compile, jar and run into ant command prompt?

What is dependency? How it is used into ant? What is its use?

How you can explain ant property?

How we can echo message in Ant?

How many ways we can set properties into build ant file?

What is Built-in Properties? And how many Built-in Properties?Explain main.

How we can set path PATH and CLASSPATH into an ant build file?

What is advantage of Ant 1.7.1 ?

What is IVY?

Why Ant is a great build tool?

What is Core Concepts of Ant?

Give Example How we can deploy file on server using ant?