C Programming language

C Programming Language: Difference between C and C++
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  • C is a procedural or structural language while C++ is Object Oriented Language
  • In C printf and scanf is used as input and output function while in C++ cin and cout is used as input and output
  • In C we use <#include stdio.h> as preprocessor while in C++ we use <iostream.h>
  • C language does not use namespaces while C++ uses namespaces to reduce collision

  • In C memory is allocated by malloc while in C++ memory is allocated by new keyword
  • C does not use the concept of constructor while C++ uses constructor and destructor
  • C does not use reference variable while C++ uses reference variables
  • C language follows Top Down approach while C++ follows Bottom Up approach
  • C++ uses the concept of class, object and inheritance etc while C doesn’t use these concepts
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