OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Program)

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scjp1.5 Interview Questions And Answers

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Instance is for the reference variable only and checks for the whether the object of of a particular type.this can be used only for the test object against class types that are i the same class hierarchy.its for an instances an object passes the instance of the test of any of its super class implement the interface of the right side of the instance of the operator.

Relation Operator basically a always result in a boolean value.like true and false.

The are six relational operator >,>=,<=,==, and !=

The last two (== and !=) are some times reffed to as equality operator.Equality operator are mainly two types :
  1. There are two equality operators : == and !=.
  2. Four types of things can be tested: number , characters,booleans,and reference variable.

IN the programming language JAVA Garbage collection provides automated memory management.

Its mainly purpose of GC is to delete objects that cannot be reached.

Only the JVM decides when to run the GC we can only suggest it.We don't know exactly hats the GC also .

The object must be consider eligible before they can be garbage collection .an object is eligible when we must live thread can reach it .java application can run out the memory .

Its primitive wining uses the smallest method argument possible.Its used mainly individually boxing and var-args are compatible with overloading.

We can't widen from one wrapper to the another type of wrapper.its cant widen an box.we can crate a box then widen .We can combine var-args either widening or boxing.

The wrapper classes correlated tot he primitive types.Its have a two main functions :
  1. Its wrap primitives so that they can be handled like objects.
  2. To provide utility methods for primitives.
    Wrappers are using most importance families method whch is three are there :
  3. xxxValue()
  4. parseXxx()
  5. valueof()

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