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JavaMail Interview Questions And Answers

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when you using JAVA MAIL API, before using these protocols used with the API. Mainly there are 4 types of protocols using in java mail api.





The SMTP using into the delivering mails. It is a mechanism, in a context of JavaMialAPI, the java mail program firstly communicated to with your company and internet service provider (ISP) SMTP server. Then SMTP server will the relay this message on the SMTP server of the recipient to eventually to be acquired by the user through POP or IMAP. It is not require SMTP server for open relay and authentication is supported. And it's user responsibility to ensure the SMTP server is configured properly. There is nothing in the JavaMail API for tasks like configuring a server to relay messages or to add and remove email accounts.

POP is the mechanism used by most of the people on the internet used to get their mail Now latest  POP3 version ,RFC1939 defines this protocol. It is a supporter to support to single mailbox for each user. Actually more confusion occur to source, Much of what people are familiar when using POP. There are more mail message they have are not supported by POP at all. this capability are inbuilt into the program like as Microsoft Outlook. So, when using the JavaMail API, if you want this type of information, you have to calculate it yourself.

It is the more advanced program to receiving message. and define to RFC 2060, now this time using version 4, also know as IMAP4. when using this protocol then time your mail server is supported this protocol. when you using IMAP ,that time you can't change your program instead of POP and expect everything in IMAP to be supported. IMAP supported your mail server, java mail-based can take the advantage of users using multiple folders for multiple users.

MIME is not a mail transfer protocol. Actually it is defined which type of mail is transferred , this extension check the format of the messages, attachment and so on. many different documents are take effect here: RFC 822, RFC 2045, RFC 2046, and RFC 2047. If the user is using java Mail Api ,you don't need to worry about these format. these formats use in the program or access in your program.

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JavaMail Objective Questions And Answers

JavaMail Objective Questions And Answers

JavaMail Interview Questions And Answers

JavaMail Interview Questions And Answers

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