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JavaMail API Environment Setup
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you will install Sun's JavaMail reference implementation .After you install the Sun's JavaMail reference then introduce the demonstration programs that come with the reference implementation.

Then using the some special Task to established JavaMail API Environment setup:

Task 1 : firstly Download the latest version of the JavaMail Implementation from Sun.

Task 2 :After JavaMail download to latest version for JavaBeans Activation Framework from Sun.

Task 3 : Then both downloaded packages Unzip. you get the ZIP file for all platform for both packages.

Task 4 : using the jar tool to Unzip these packages .

Task 5 : Add the mail.jar file from the JavaMail 1.2 download and the activation.jar file from the JavaBeans Activation Framework download to your CLASSPATH.

Task 6 : Then total files copy into your extension library directory. The default installation copy using for Microsoft Windows, the command look like the following:

cd \javamail-1.2
copy mail.jar \jdk\jre\lib\ext
cd \jaf-1.0.1
copy activation.jar \jdk\jre\lib\ext

Task 7 : After that Go into the demo directory. The demo directory comes with the JavaMail API implementation and compile to the msgsend program to send a test message.

Task 8 : The msgsend program compile to javac

Task 9 : Execute the program passing in a from address with the -o option, your SMTP server with the -M option, and the to address (with no option). You'll then enter the subject, the text of your message, and the end-of-file character (CTRL-Z) to signal the end of the message input.

Task 10 : Then lastly check to make sure your message received with normal mail reader (Eudora, Outlook Express, pine, ...)


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