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JSF provide two major tag library

  1. html library { Declare TagLibray :- <%@taglib prefix="h" uri=""%> }
  2. core library { Declare TagLibray :- <%@taglib prefix="f" uri=""%> } Tags in html library

Tags in html library

Tags Tag Class Description
<h:column> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.ColumnTagTag provide a column into dataTable.
<h:comandButton>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.CommandButtonTagTag provide a button like submit, reset, or pushbutton.
<h:commandLink> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.CommandLinkTagTag provide a link that acts like a pushbutton.
<h:dataTable> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.DataTableTagTag provide a feature-rich table control in HTML form.
<h:form>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.FormTagTag provide a HTML form.
<h:graphicImage>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.GraphicImageTagTag is used for displays an image in the HTML form.
<h:inputHidden> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.InputHiddenTagTag provide a hidden field in HTML form.
<h:inputSecret>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.InputSecretTagTag provide a password input control.
<h:inputText> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.InputTextTagTag provide a single-line text input control.
<h:Textarea>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.InputTextareaTagTag provide a multiline input text control.
<h:message>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.MessageTagTag is used for displays the most recent message for a particular component.
<h:messages>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.MessagesTagTag is used for displays all messages.
<h:outputFormat>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.OutputFormatTagTag work like outputText, but formats compound messages.
<h:outputLabel>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.OutputLabelTagTag provide label for another component for accessibility in HTML form.
<h:outputLink>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.OutputLinkTagTag provide a HTML anchor.
<h:outputText>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.OutputTextTagTag is used for write as a output in the form
<h:panelGrid>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.PanelGridTagTag provide a HTML table in HTML form.
<h:panelGroup>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.PanelGroupTagTag provide group of two or more components that are laid out as one.
<h:selectBooleanCheckbox>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectBooleanCheckboxTagTag provide a Boolean checkbox in HTML form.
<h:selectManyCheckbox>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectManyCheckboxTagTag provide a set of checkboxes in HTML form.
<h:selectManyListbox>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectManyListboxTagTag provide a multiselect listbox in HTML form..
<h:selectManyMenu>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectManyMenuTagTag provide a multiselect menu in HTML form.
<h:selectOneListbox>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectOneListboxTagTag provide a single-select listbox in HTML form.
<h:selectOneMenu> com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectOneMenuTagTag provide a single-select menu in HTML form.
<h:selectOneRadio>com.sun.faces.taglib.html_basic.SelectOneRadioTagTag provide a set of radio buttons in HTML form.
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