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JSP Architecture
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JSP architecture consists two main components WebBrowser and WebServer. the communication is established between these two.

The extension of the JSP file is .jsp.The JSP engine parses the .jsp and creates  a java servlet source file.Then servlet compiles the source file to the class file. 
 Architecture of JSP is defined below step wise...
1.A web browser /client send a request to the  webserver/server.
2.JSP send request to the server.
3.When the request reach the server then it is send to the JSP servlet engine.
4.Now the parser present on server side pars the JSP file.
5.Now the servlet code is generated on the server.
6.The compiler compile the servlet source code into class.
7.After that servlet is instantiated on the server.
8.When the servlet is instantiated the server Response to the client and send the output in the form of HTML file.HTML from the servlet output send via the internet. 


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