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How to set up the JSP environment?
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To run a JSP program it is must that JSP is installed on your system.And for that JDK is must  be there in the system.

Steps to installed JSP
1. Make sure JDK is installed on the system if yes then proceed if not first  installed the JDK.
2.Down load the JSP environment from http://java.sun.com/products/jsp/index.jsp
3.Installed tom cat server.
4To start the server change to the tomcat\bin directory and type:
5.Now open the web browser and in address box type
     http://localhost:8080/--This will display the example page .
6.Place any new JSP files in the "webapps" directory under your installed Tomcat directory.
7.For example,to run "myfirst.jsp" file,copy the file into the "webapps/ROOT" directory and then open a browser to the address:


This will shows the executed JSP file



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