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What are implicit objects?
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Implicit objects are the objects provided by the JSP to the developer.JSP container provide these objects to the developers.  

These objects are called implicit objects because they are automatically instantiated. There  are mainly nine implicit objects:--page context ,session,request ,response, exception ,out , application ,config and page.
 Page context :-The page context is written as Javax.servlet.jsp.pagecontext .It is used to access the page attributes and all the name spaces associated with JSP page.
Session:-Object session is of type Javax.servlet.http.httpsession.This object session provide the connection or the association between the client and the server.The main function of session object is maintaining states when there are multiple request are executed.
Request:-The object request is type Javax.servlet.http.httpservletrequest.. in it data include with the httpRequest.The request made by the client is pass to the server. In it request object is to take value from the client and pass it to the server.

Response:-The Object through which the result comes from the server is called response object .The object response is of type  Javax.servlet.http.>httpservletresponse. Object response is generally used with cookies.
Out:- The out object is denotes the output stream in the context page . this is written as Javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter

Application:-This implicit object is used to share the data with other application pages.This object is written as Javax.servlet.http.ServletContext .
Page:-page object is used to denote JSP page and to call any instance of the servlet's page. This is written as Java.lang.Object.
Config:-This object is used to get the information about the servlet configuration.The object Config is written Javax.servlet.http.ServletConfig


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