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Java Servlet :Hidden form Fields and URL Rewriting
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Hidden from Fields: This is a browser independent approach of maintaining state between requests in a web applicaion.In this approach information to be persistent is stored in invisible text fields which are added to the response page.When a request is submitted from the response page value of invisible text fields is submitted as request parameters.


  1. This approach can be used if input forms are used for submitting request.
  2. Only textual informaton can be persistent.

Url Rewriting: This is another way to support state tracking. With URL rewriting, the parameter that we want to pass back and forth between the Web browser and client is appended to the URL. URL rewriting is the lowest common denominator of session tracking, and is used when a client does not accept cookies. We modified the CookieServlet to implement the same state tracking mechanism technique, but by using URL rewriting.URL Rewriting can be used in place where we don't want to use cookies.The URL Rewriting is used for maintaining the session.

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