How ACadru Supports Parents In Career Counselling For Their Own Teenage Child

How ACadru Supports Parents In Career Counselling For Their Own Teenage Child

How ACadru Supports Parents In Career Counselling For Their Own Teenage Child

In the present world, every child is conscious of what they might want to do when they grow up. And selecting their subjects accordingly from a young age is extremely important. Parents worry about how they should assist their children in profile building for college admissions in India. Parents need not worry about spending money and time on strangers as counsellors and they themselves can take that role up with the help of ACadru.

Why does a teenager need Career Counselling?

Career counselling helps students select their educational path and hence their occupation and lifestyle in accordance with certain factors like- skills, ability, background and personality. The process of counselling influences the child to understand himself or herself better along with which decisions might be the best suitable. It is not restricted to the selection of a graduation subject but rather a lifelong knowledge about oneself to choose the best for themselves.

What is ACadru?

Since the last few years, there has been a boom in EdTech start-ups in India. EdTech is a hybrid of “education” and “technology.” This method of learning technology is based on theoretical knowledge from various disciplines starting from social sciences to communication or computer science. It involves fields based on online learning. Platforms like Byju’s and Unacademy focus on preparing children for the school examinations with tutorials on their syllabus or certain competitive examinations like JEE. Even Amazon publicized the inauguration of its online platform named Amazon Academy in our nation. But none of these platforms focuses on knowledge that is out of the syllabus. ACadru, a multidisciplinary learning website is one of its rarest kind. This platform gives detailed attention to develop a sense of critical thinking along with creativity and current affairs in students that will help them in the long term.

After one creates a free account at ACadru, they can log in and choose their subjects or topics of interest in the preferences section. The options under this section are:

Such a range of disciplines merged to form exciting articles can give students interesting school project ideas. The website can be accessed by parents or guardians to browse the many modules under sections of humanities, science and business to guide their children acknowledge their own abilities. Teenagers barely know about the work culture and how it defines one’s lifestyle at this age and thus the parent’s influence is of utter significance. There are countless opportunities for this generation and some of the jobs have probably not even been discovered yet. But there is a narrow choice of subjects available. Parents can check their children via this website to see which topics arouses curiosity in them.

Not only does ACadru help during the time of choosing a career, it also prepares students with vocational skills for the futuristic jobs that are coming. It is a great blessing to have profile building websites at the tip of our finger in 2021. Create a free account today on and help your teenager choose the right career for himself or herself.