How will you debug problems encountered in the shell program?Shell scripting interview question part 1/Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

How will you debug problems encountered in the shell program?

Some standard methods of debugging the problems in the script are:

1. use of set-x to enable debugging

2. Insert debug statements in a shell script to display information that helps in the identification of the problem.

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Tell me the difference between hard link and soft link?

How to find an available shell in your system?

What are the different communication commands available in the Shell?

What are the different commands available to check the disk usage?

What command needs to be used to take the backup?

What are the two files of crontab command?

In what ways, shell script get input values?

What is the difference between $* and $@?

Do you need a separate compiler to execute a Shell program?

How many Shells and Kernels are available in a UNIX environment?

Explain “Positional Parameters.”

I want to monitor a continuously updating log file, what command can be used to most efficiently achieve this?

How will you copy a file from one machine to other?

What are zombie processes?

What is the use of head and tell command?

How to create multiple text files and directories?

How to create, read and delete files?

Which command is used to execute a shell file?

What is LILO?

Use the echo command to get part of a string variable.

How can you print a substring in bash?

Why is bash a weakly typed language?

What does it mean by #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/bash at the beginning of every script?

What is the lifespan of a variable inside a shell script?

What will be the status of a process executed using the exec command in the shell?

How will you debug problems encountered in the shell program?

How to redirect both standard output and standard error to the same location?

Can you separate hard and soft links in shell scripting? How?

What is the lifespan of a shell variable?

Explain Crontab.

In shell scripting, where you will find the login names of all the users on a system and how they can be printed at the same time?

Suppose you execute a command using exec, what will be the status of your current process in the shell?

What do you know about the MBR in the shell scripting? How it is useful for the users?

How can you calculate the overall number of arguments that have been passed to a script? Why it is important?

What is a metacharacter?

Explain what do you know about the term shell when it comes to scripting? Name a few shells that are commonly used.

What is the alternative command for echo?

How many kernels and shells are available in the UNIX environment?

Give the purpose of the shebang line.

How can you connect to a database server?

How would you compare the strings in a Shell Script?

What makes C shell a more preferable option than the Bourne Shell?

What is the difference between break and continue commands?

What are the various stages of a Linux process it passes through?

What is GUI scripting?

Tell something about the Super Block in Shell scripting?

How do you create a shortcut in Linux?

What are the different types of commonly used shells on a typical Linux system?

What are the different types of variables used in Shell Script?

List the types of variables used in Shell Scripting.

What are Shell variables?

What are the advantages of Shell Scripting?

Explain about “s” permission bit in a file?

In my bash shell I want my prompt to be of format ‘$”Present working directory”:”hostname”> and load a file containing a list of user-defined functions as soon as I log in, how will you automate this?

What is the main difference between BASH and DOS?

How will you pass and access arguments to a script in Linux?

What is the difference between soft and hard links?

What is the equivalent of a file shortcut that we have a window on a Linux system?

What are the different types of commonly used shells on a typical Linux system?

What is a shell?

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