Who among the following is not the member of Gadara Party?Competitive Exam interview questions and answers Set 6/General knowledge(GK) Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Who among the following is not the member of Gadara Party?

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COD is the type of which of the following?

By which name sodium carbonate is generally known?

which of the product is the Force

in the remote control of television which ray is used?

in the remote control of television which ray is used?

Swine Flu is caused by which virus?

Oxygen released in photosynthesis comes from

The plants which grow on deserts are called

Vermilion is made from which chemical substance?

The elements having same atomic mass but different number of electrons are called

What is transformer?

Which of the following represents the correct Chronological order of the Mughal emperor?

For the first time an Army of a foreign country will participate in the Republic Day parade. The army belongs to Which country?

Which countries has been declared free from Ebola in January 2016?

Which is the equivalent rank in Army to that of the Captain in Navy?

Who is the Chairperson of the first NITI Aayog?

On which date International Yoga Day is celebrated?

How many members are there in the United National Security Council?

Who has been called as the, Napoleon of India?

On which river Sarkar Samovar dam is Located?

What is the full form of GATT?

Who is the author of the book magic Seed?

What is the currency of France?

Which is the largest railway zone in India?

Who was the first woman to attend the Congress Session?

Which of the following mineral is also known by the name ‘Plumb go?

Which one of the following languages is not included in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution?

Golden Globe award is related to which the following categories?

Which is the second highest civilian award of India?

Who among the following is not the member of Gadara Party?

Which rays are mainly used to find out invisible handwritings, forged documents and fingerprints handwritings, forged documents and fingerprints?

Alluvium Soil found planes of Indus Ganga is also Called__

Which of the following crop is tolerant to water salinity?

The property of a it body when resists change in its motion in a straight path at rest, is called ___

Muslim League was established on

Which of the following are Indian states on Pakistan border?

Mireya Laguna, Miss World 2015, hails from which

How many non per moment members are there in United Nation‘s Security Council?

Which of the following is used to dissolve noble metal?

Which party was established by Motile Nehru and Chitranjan Das?

According to Which article Indian parliament can make laws on any subject for the benefit of states?

‘Puma Pact – 1932’ is related to which of the

Which Organisation is related to environmental planning?

Which of the following is known as ‘the devil fish?

How many hymns are there in Rig-Veda?

Who started the GU rumukhi Script?

Which of the following separates Asia from Europe

Who recommended tri-layered Panchayats Raj System in India First of all?

What is Gross Domestic product?

Cup shaped volcano is called ___

Rearing of silk worm is called ___

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