How can you create an Index in Elasticsearch?Elastic Search interview questions for freshers/Elastic search Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

How can you create an Index in Elasticsearch?

For example:

PUT /client?pretty

GET /_cat/indices?v

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What are frozen indices in Elasticsearch?

Does Elasticsearch provide an interactive graphical user interface to its users?

Please explain the working of aggregation in Elasticsearch?

What are Aggregations?

Can you compare between Term-based queries and Full-text queries?

What do you mean by ingest node?

How can you create an Index in Elasticsearch?

What is Single document APIs in Elasticsearch?

What are the various possible ways in which we can perform a search in Elasticsearch?

How do you check the version of Elasticsearch you are working with?

What are the various ways of using X-Pack Commands?

What is the port number to access the Elasticsearch on the web? Can we change it?

What is Apache Lucene?

Please explain relevancy and scoring in Elasticsearch?

What is the syntax or code to retrieve a document by ID in Elasticsearch?

Where is Elastic search stored?

What is cat API in Elasticsearch?

Where do you configure settings for X-Pack?

What is NRT in Elasticsearch?

Here, are important configuration management tool supported by Elasticsearch:

What is Apache Lucene?

What is the latest version of Elasticsearch?

What are the Disadvantages of Elasticsearch?

What is Elasticsearch REST API and use of it?

What is Token filters in Elasticsearch Analyzer?

What are the various ways of searching in Elasticsearch?

Explain the method to add a mapping in an Index

How you can delete an index in Elastic search?

What is a replica in ElasticSearch?

Explain Tokenizer in ElasticSearch

What are the various ways of searching in Elasticsearch?

Can you define REPLICA and what is the advantage of creating a replica?

How can you delete an index in Elasticsearch?

Can you please define Mapping in an Elasticsearch?

What are the primary operations performed in a Document?

What is a Type in an Elastic search?

What is an index in an Elasticsearch cluster?

Name 10 companies that have an Elasticsearch as their search engine and database for their application?

What is the ELK stack?

What are the important advantages of Elastic Search?

Define the Term Shard

What is a document in Elastic Search?

Explain Index

What are the important features of Elasticsearch?

Can you please give step by step procedures to start an Elasticsearch server?

What is the ELK stack?

What is a cluster?

To install Elasticsearch, what software is required as a prerequisite?

Can you state the stable Elasticsearch version currently available for download?

What is Elasticsearch?

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