Can the J2EE platform interoperate with other WS-I implementations?J2EE interview questions for freshers/J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Can the J2EE platform interoperate with other WS-I implementations?

Yes, if the other implementations are WS-I compliant.

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What is the relationship of the Apache Tomcat open-source application server to the J2EE SDK?

What is the difference between being a J2EE licensee and being J2EE compatible?

Are there compatibility tests for the J2EE platform?

What is the Hibernate proxy?

Define connection pooling?

What is the file name of hibernate configuration file?

What is Hashtable?

What does Enterprise JavaBeans module contain?

What are some advantages of ORM?

What is the file extension used for hibernate mapping file?

Is technical support “Free” as well?

What are the JSP tags?

Difference between load and get method?

Who needs the J2EE platform?

How are the J2EE architecture and the Sun Java Enterprise System related?

Can applications are written for the J2EE platform v1.3 run in a J2EE platform v1.4 implementation?

Name the different phases of servlet lifecycle?

Define the servlet?

What is a thin client?

What is Spring Framework and discuss its benefits?

Define the concept of connection pooling?

Define ORM and how it works in J2EE?

Define the web components and how are they helpful?

What are the advantages of object relational mapping?

Difference between public, private and protected?

What are the benefits of Hibernate?

Define Hibernate and HQL?

How to design interactive UI for J2EE apps?

What is the J2EE 1.4 SDK?

What technologies are included in the J2EE platform?

What technologies are included in the J2EE platform?

Can the J2EE platform interoperate with other WS-I implementations?

What does MVC stand for?

What do you mean by JSF?

What are web components?

Define J2ee module?

Difference between save and saveorupdate

What is ORM?

Describe the MVC on struts?

What are the advantages of hibernate?

What are defined as web components?

What is the limitation of hibernate?

Define Hibernate, and give some examples of its limitations and advantages.

What is a J2EE container?

Define Hash table

What is JSF?

What is considered as a web component?

What are types of J2EE clients?

What are the four components of J2EE application?

What is J2EE?

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