What is the advantage of using Spring Framework?Spring interview question set 1/Spring Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What is the advantage of using Spring Framework?

Some of the advantages of using Spring Framework are:

1. Reducing direct dependencies between different components of the application. Spring IoC container is responsible for initializing resources or beans and inject them as dependencies.
2. Writing unit test cases are easy in the Spring framework because our business logic doesn’t have direct dependencies with actual resource implementation classes. We can easily write a test configuration and inject our mock beans for testing purposes.
3. Reduces the amount of boiler-plate code, such as initializing objects, open/close resources. I like JdbcTemplate class a lot because it helps us in removing all the boiler-plate code that comes with JDBC programming.
4. Spring framework is divided into several modules, it helps us in keeping our application lightweight. For example, if we don’t need 5. Spring transaction management features, we don’t need to add that dependency to our project.
Spring framework supports most of the Java EE features and even much more. It’s always on top of the new technologies, for example, there is a Spring project for Android to help us write better code for native Android applications. This makes the spring framework a complete package and we don’t need to look after the different frameworks for different requirements.

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