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What is HttpTunneling?

Encapsulating the information into the Http header and directed it to a server at the other end of the communication channel that takes the packets, strips the HTTP encapsulation headers and redirects the packet to its final destination.

HTTP-Tunnel acts as a socks server, allowing you to use your Internet applications safely despite restrictive firewalls and/or you not be monitored at work, school, goverment and gives you a extra layer of protection against hackers, spyware, ID theft\'s with our encryption. 

Reason For HTTP-Tunnel : 

    *  Need to bypass any firewall

    * Need secure internet browsing

    * Need to use favorite programs with out being monitored by work, school, ISP or gov.

    * Extra security for online transactions

    * Encrypt all your Internet traffic.

    * Need play online games

    * Visit sites that you are previously blocked

    * Prevent 3rd party monitoring or regulation of your Internet browsing and downloads

    * Use your favorite applications previously blocked

    * Hide your IP address

    * Make it next to impossible for you to identify online.

    * Free unlimited data transfer

    * Compatible with most major Internet applications

    * Secure and virus-free servers

    * 99% uptime

    * No spam, pop-ups, or banners

 In many cases it is not possible to establish a connection between JMS clients and a SwiftMQ message router or between two SwiftMQ message routers if one part stands behind a firewall. In general it exists a proxy server to which it is allowed exclusively to establish an internet connection by a firewall. To avoid this fact, an operation called HTTP tunneling is used. 

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