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How to define XML Element?

 Everything inside the open and closed tag is called as XML Element.It may be contain other element and text or may be a combination of both.

I have given you example which help you to understanding element in XML.


   <book category=\"JAVA\">

      <title lang=\"en\">The Complete Reference </title> 

      <author>Herbert Schildt</author>     




   <book category=\"C++\">  

      <title lang=\"en\">Programming in ANSI C++</title>   

      <author>E Balaguruswamy</author>    




   <book category=\"C\">  

      <title lang=\"en\">Exploring C</title>   

      <author>Yashwant kanetkar</author>   





 Above,bookstore and book both are element content where as title,author,year and price are text also called as attribute and JAVA,C++ and C is the value of book attribute.

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