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Write a C program to find the depth or height of a tree.

Write a C program to determine the number of elements (or size) in a tree.

Write a C program to delete a tree (i.e, free up its nodes)

Write C code to determine if two trees are identical.

Write a C program to find the minimum value in a binary search tree.

Write a C program to compute the maximum depth in a tree?

Is that possible to pass a structure variable to a function/ If so,explain the detailed ways?

Choose correct option: 1.The Spring Framework is an open source application. 2.The Spring is in the Java platform. 3.The Spring is in for .NET Framework. 4.1,2,3 5.None

Choose correct option: 1.The first version was written by Rod Johnson who released in October 2002. 2.The framework was first released under the Apache 2.0 license in June 2003. 3.The Spring 1.2.6 framework won a Jolt productivity award and a JAX Innovation Award in 2006. 4.1,2,3 5.None

Spring provides features: 1 .Resource management 2 .Exception handling 3 .Transaction participation 4 .Resource unwrapping 5. Abstraction for BLOB and CLOB handling A.1,2,3,4,5 B.1,3,4,5 C.1,2,4,5 D.None

Spring MVC is a request-based framework. 1.Yes 2.No

Choose which is not true: 1.Central to the Spring Framework is its IOC container 2.IOC provides a consistent means of configuring and managing Java objects using call-backs. 3.IOC container is responsible for managing object lifecycles 4.The object life cycle used for creates objects, call initialization methods, and configure objects by wiring them together. 5.All of above 6.None

As archipelago:islands:: (a) arbor:bower (b) garden:flower (c) mountain:valley (d) sand:dune (e) constellation:star

crow:boastful :: (a) smirk:witty (b) conceal:s;y (c) pout:sulky (d) blush:coarse (e) bluster:unhappy

bracket:shelf :: (a) hammer:anvil (b) girder:rivet (c) strut:rafter (d) valve:pipe (e) bucket:well

taxonomy:classification :: (a) etymology:derivation (b) autonomy:authorization (c) economy:rationalization (d) tautology:justification (e) ecology:urbanisation

moderator:debate :: (a) legislator:election (b) chef:banquet (c) auditor:lecture (d) conspirator:plot (e) umpire:game

glossary:words :: (a) catalogue:dates (b) atlas:maps (c) almanac:synonyms (d) thesaurus:rhymes (e) lexicon:numbers

lumber: bear :: (a) roost:hen (b) bray:donkey (c) waddle:goose (d) swoop:hawk (e) chirp:sparrow

celerity:snail :: (a) indolence:sloth (b) cunning:weasel (c) curiosity:cat (d) humility:peacock (e) obstinacy:mule

wood:sand :: (a) coal:burn (b) brick:lay (c) oil:polish (d) metal:burnish (e) stone:quarry

carpenter:saw :: (a) stenographer:typist (b) painter:brush (c) lawyer:brief (d) runner:sneakers (e) seamstress:scissors

Eliminate :

Affinity :

Expedite :

Console :

Adversary :

Affable :

Decomposition :

Egregious :



Augury :

Creditability :


Constituent :

Differential :

Litigation :


Negotiate :

Preparation :

Preponderant :

Relevance :

Apparatus :

Ignorance :


precipitate :


obnoxious :




corpulent :


Agitator : Firebrand ::

Burst : Sound ::

Star : cluster ::

Piston : Cylinder ::

Mitigate : punishment ::

Erudite : scholar ::

Fire : Ashes ::

mason : wall ::

Fire : Ashes ::

how can we connect more than one database into webpage..

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How to detect the operating system on the client machine?

How to read and write a file using javascript?

Where are cookies actually stored on the hard disk?

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Are Java and JavaScript the Same?

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How to access an external javascript file that is stored externally and not embedded?

What is the difference between an alert box and a confirmation box?

What is a prompt box?

Can javascript code be broken in different lines?

How to hide javascript code from old browsers that dont run it?

How to comment javascript code?

Name the numeric constants representing max,min values

What does javascript null mean?

What does undefined value mean in javascript?

What is the difference between undefined value and null value?

What is variable typing in javascript?

Does javascript have the concept level scope?

What are undefined and undeclared variables?

What is === operator ?

What does the delete operator do?

What does break and continue statements do?

What’s relationship between JavaScript and ECMAScript?

What are JavaScript types?

How do you convert numbers between different bases in JavaScript?

What is negative infinity?

What boolean operators does JavaScript support?

What does "1"+2+4 evaluate to?

How about 2+5+"8"?

What looping structures are there in JavaScript?

How do you create a new object in JavaScript?

How do you assign object properties?

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