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Java I/O Project 1

Java Input Output Examples

Java Input Output Examples

Classes of I/O

There are many classes listed here which is provided by the package shown bellow:

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  • BufferedInputStream

    It is use for creating an internal buffer array. It is support the mark and reset methods.

  • BufferedOutputStream

    It is used for writes byte to output stream and implements a buffered output stream.

  • BufferedReader

    It is used to read text from character input stream and buffering characters. It is also read characters, arrays and lines.

  • BufferedWriter

    It is used to write text from character output stream and buffering characters. It is also write characters, arrays and lines.

  • ByteArrayInputStream

    It is contain the internal buffer and read data from the stream.

  • ByteArrayOutputStream

    This class is use for data writing into byte array and it is implement into output stream class.

  • CharArrayReader

    It used for char input stream and implements a character buffer.

  • CharArrayWriter

    It is also implement a character buffer and it uses an writer.

  • DataInputStream

    It is read to the primitive data types from the input stream in a machine Understand format.

  • DataOutputStream

    It is write to the primitive data types from the output stream in machine Understand format.

  • File

    It is show a file and directory pathname.

  • FileDescriptor

    It is use for create a FileInputStream and FileOutputStream.

  • FileInputStream

    It is contain the input byte from a file and implement an input stream.

  • FileOutputStream

    It is use for writing data to a file and it is implement an output stream.

  • FilePermission

    It is allow to access a file or directory.

  • FileReader

    This class used for reading characters file.

  • FileWriter

    This class used for writing characters files.

  • FilterInputStream

    it is override the all methods of InputStream and contains some other input stream.

  • FilterOutputStream

    It is override all methods of OutputStream and contains some other output stream.

  • FilterReader

    It is read the data from the filtered character stream.

  • FilterWriter

    It is write data from the filtered character stream.

  • InputStream

    This class represents an input stream of bytes.

  • InputStreamReader

    It is read the data into bytes and decodes them into characters.

  • LineNumberReader

    This class is provide the number of the line.

  • ObjectInputStream

    This class is use for recover the object to serialize previously.

  • ObjectInputStream.GetField

    This class is access to president fields read form input stream.

  • ObjectOutputStream

    This class is used for write the primitive data types and also write the object to read by the ObjectInputStream.

  • ObjectOutputStream.GetField

    This class is access to president fields write in to ObjectOutput.

  • ObjectStreamField

    This class is describe the serializable field.

  • OutputStream

    This class is represent an output stream of bytes.

  • OutputStreamWriter

    It is write the data into bytes and decodes them into characters.

  • PipedInputStream

    In this class the data bytes are written into piped output stream. and it class also connected into a piped output stream.

  • PipedOutputStream

    This class is also communicate with the piped input stream into piped output stream. It is create communication between both.

  • PipedReader

    It is a piped character-input stream.

  • PipedWriter

    It is a piped character-output stream.

  • PrintStream

    This class is used to add the functionality of another output stream.

  • PrintWriter

    This class is used to adds the functionality of another input stream.

  • PushbackInputStream

    It is also include an other function of input stream. Such as: "push back" or "unread" one byte.

  • PushbackReader

    It is a character stream reader which reads the data push back into the stream.

  • RandomAccessFile

    It is support both reading and writing to a random access file.

  • Reader

    It is used for reading character stream.

  • SequenceInputStream

    It is represent the logical concatenation of other input stream.

  • SerializablePermission

    It is a serializable permission class.

  • StreamTokenizer

    It is take an input stream and parse it into "tokens" . The token is allowed at the read time.

  • StringReader

    It is a character string class. and has character read source.

  • StringWriter

    It is also a character string class. and use to show the output in the buffer.

  • Writer

    It is use for writing to character stream.

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