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Java Input Output Examples

Exceptions of the I/O

There are many exception classes provided by the package which is listed bellow:

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  • CharConversionException

    It is use to provide the message in the catch block which associated with the CharConversionException.

  • EOFException

    This is indicate the end of file. It is used When the file input stream to be end then it is occuted.

  • FileNotFoundException

    It is used When the open file's pathname is not find then this exception is occurred.

  • InterruptedIOException

    This exception is used When the I/O operations to interrupted from any causes then it is occurred.

  • InvalidClassException

    When Any problem is created with class, and when the Serializing runtime to be detected.

  • InvalidObjectException

    When the de-serialized objects failed then it is occur.

  • IOException

    It is used When the I/O operations is failed.

  • NotActiveException

    It is used when The Serialization or deserialization operations are not active.

  • NotSerializableException

    It is used when the instance is required to a Serializable interface.

  • ObjectStreamException

    This is a supper class of all exception class. It used for specific to Object Stream Classes.

  • OptionalDataException

    It is used When the reading data operation failed. It is belonging to the serialized object.

  • SyncFaieldException

    When The sync operation is failed then SyncFaieldException to be occurred.

  • UnsupportedEncodingException

    The Character Encoding is not supported.

  • WriteAbortedException

    This exception is thrown by the ObjectStreamException during a write operating.

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