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Java Input Output Examples

Make class Serializable

We know that the serializable interface has no methods, so we do not need to change the name of the class. to make a serializable class only follow these steps below:

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    • Firstly create the object of the ObjectOutputStream so that we can write the objects for the specified OutputStream.
      ObjectOutputStream(OutputStream out)
    • Write the object for the ObjectOutputStream. by this method save the class of the object, class signature, and the values of the any non-static, non-tranciant of the class and its super classes.
      void writeObject(Object obj);)

    • create the Object.InputStream to read back objects information for specified InputStream.
      ObjectInputStream(InputStream inp);
    • Read the object from the ObjectInputStream. it is read the back class of the object, class signature,non-transient values, non-static field of the class and all super classes. by help of the this code the object is serialized the multiple object references.
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