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Introduction of Util Package

One of the most commonly packages is java Util package, which is used in the java programming for made easily. It is provide the classes and interface which help to access the feature of the util package. In The Java Utility Package it is consist to many components as below:

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  1. collections framework

  2. Event model

  3. Legacy collection classes

  4. Internationalization

  5. Date and time facilities

  6. Some other utility classes such as random-number generator, string tokenizer and bit array.

Some classes of utility package


This class is used for manipulation of calendar dates in java programming.

Data Structure Classes

This Classes are very useful classes for implementing standard data structures: including Dictionary, BitSet, Stack and Vector, Hashtable.


The StringTokenizer class is used converting a String of text into its tokens.

Observer and Observable

Classes that implement the Observer interface can "watch" Observable objects for state changes. When an Observable object changes it notifies all of its Observers of the change.

Random-Number Generator

It class is used to generate the random-numbers.


It is define a generic programming interface, which is used for iterating through a set of values.


The properties table contains key/value pairs where both the key and the value are Strings and the class is used by the System class to implement System properties.

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