GK/Climate And Weather In Indian Geography Sample Test,Sample questions

Question: (Mumbai receives more rainfall than Pune) What is the reason behind it?

1.Pune is at a-greater elevation

2.Mumbai is located on the coast and Pune is in the interior

3.Pune has greater vegtetation than Mumbai

4.None of the above

Question: Because of Differential heating of land and sea, The monsoon of India is marked by

1.Seasonal constant

2.Seasonal Shift

3.Monsoon Shift

4.None of the above

Question: Complete the sentence ________ gets first monsoon in summer.

1.Gangatic Plain

2.Western Ghats


4.Eastern Ghats

Question: Complete the sentence: During the winter months __________ receives the highest rainfall.

1.Tamil Nadu




Question: Deforestation results in

1.Flora destruction

2.Fauna destruction

3.Ecological disbalance

4.All of the above

Question: During the monsoon season rainfall decreases from the Ganga delta to the Punjab plains. It is because

1.The area is far away from the sea

2.Western regions are warmer than the eastern region

3.Monsoon current moves westward along the Ganga plain and becomes drier

4.Hills do not form barriers for winds

Question: Fill in the blank: ______ receives rainfall due to western disturbances.




4.All of the above

Question: Fill in the blanks: _____ is opposite to a cyclone, in which winds move into a low-pressure area.




4.None of the above

Question: Fill in the blanks: _______is a cold desert, the rainfall here is less than 50cm.

1.Konkan Coast


3.Coromandal Coast

4.Leh in Kashmir

Question: For short-term climatic predictions, which one of the following events, detected in the last decade, is associated with occasional weak monsoon rains in the Indian subcontinent?

1.Green-house effect on global level

2.Movement of jet streams

3.La Nina

4.El Nino and southern oscillations

Question: Gujarat accounts for over 70% of the production in country because of which condition ?

1.arid climate

2.low rainfall

3.low relative humidity

4.All of the above

Question: half of the sea salt is manufactured in the coast of Gujarat because

1.Salt is exported from Kandla port

2.andhiji started Salt Satyagrah in Gujarat

3.Less rain and relative humidity is best for the evaporation of the sea water

4.The salinity of water near coast of Gujarat is very high

Question: Heavy rainfall during the months of October and November is received by which of the following area?

1.Malwa Plateau

2.Chota Nagpur Plateau

3.Gharo, Khasi and Jaintia hills

4.Coromandal Coast

Question: How much percent of salt productivity in the Gujarat ?





Question: In the month of May June every year, the winds of monsoon approach the southern tip of India from _______

1.South westerly direction

2.North direction

3.East direction

4.West direction

Question: In the month of October and November Which one of the following receive, heavy rainfall?

1.Malwa Plateau

2.Coromandal Coast

3.Plateau of Chota Nagpur

4.Hills of Garo, Khasi and Jaintia

Question: In which of the following , the premonsoon mango showers occur predominantly ?

1.Deccan plateau



4.West Bengal and Assam

Question: In which of the following option, the National Flood Commission is related to

1.Disaster Management


3.Drought and flood

4.Poverty Alleviation

Question: In which of the following place Forest Research institute is at





Question: In which place is the monkey called Lion tailed macaque naturally ?




4.Nallamalai hills

Question: Indian monsoon is marked by seasonal shift caused by which of the following ?

1.cold winds of central Asia

2.Differential heating of temperature

3.Differential heating of land and sea

4.All of the above

Question: Main reason for the origin of the south west monsoon in India ?

1.Deflection of trade winds

2.Development of a low pressure in north west india

3.Arrival of cyclonic stream from the pacific ocean

4.1 and 2

Question: Monsoon forest also called as

1.Dry forest

2.Tropical deciduous forest

3.Rain forest

4.Both A and B

Question: Most of rainfall of India is





Question: National Flood commission is also called as

1.Rashtriya Barh Ayog

2.Rashtriya Barh Flood

3.Flood Rashtriya Barh Ayog

4.None of the above

Question: National Flood Commission was established in





Question: Paddy has become an important crop of Punjab and Haryana. It requires high humidity with an annual rainfall above

1.100 cm

2.90 cm

3.80 cm

4.70 cm

Question: Retreating monsoon blows from the northeast across the


2.Bay of Bengal



Question: Seasonal shift in India is due to

1.high pressure in the tropical eastern south Pacific Ocean

2.Low pressure in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean

3.Both of the above

4.None of the above

Question: The average annual temperature of a meteorological station is 26 degreeC, its average annual rainfall is 63 cm and the annual range of temperature is 9 degree C. Which station is mentioned in the above question?





Question: The climate of India depends greatly on

1.Seasonal Shift

2.Monsoon winds

3.Seasonal winds

4.None of the above

Question: The extreme of temperature between summer and winter is quite low in southern part of Peninsular India mainly because ?

1.Strong winds flow throughout the year

2.The sky is generally cloudy

3.The adjoining oceans moderate the temperature

4.The suns rays are almost vertical throughout the year

Question: The following cities in decreasing order of the rainfall they receive from the south-west monsoons in summer months are

1.Patna, Kolkata, Delhi and Allahabad

2.Kolkata, Patna, Delhi and Allahabad.

3.Allahabad, Delhi, Patna and Kolkata

4.None of the above

Question: The Mangrove forests of Ganga delta are known as


2.Tropical forest

3.Swamp forest

4.Monsoon forest

Question: The pre monsoon showers are a consequence of ____ thunder strorms





Question: The retreating monsoon withdrawn itself from

1.The east coast to the west coast

2.The west coast to the east coast

3.North west to Bengal and then to kerala

4.The north to the South

Question: The temperature of Thiruvananthapuram is lower than that of Mumbai in May and higher than that of Mumbai in January,Which of the following option is the reason behind it?

1.Thiruvananthapuram is Vegetated while Mumbai is not

2.Thiruvananthapuram is on the windward side and Mumbai is on the leeward side

3.Thiruvananthapuram has higher rainfall in summer and it is nearer to the equator

4.Thiruvananthapuram has cold current and Mumbai is faced with warm current

Question: The two northeastern hills that block the South West Monsoon winds and cause heavy rains in Assam are

1.Khasi and Pegu Yoma

2.Barail and Patkai hills

3.Arakan Yoma and Pegu Yoma

4.Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills

Question: The western disturbances which cause winter rain in India originate in which of the following area?

1.South Asia

2.West Asia



Question: When the retreating monsoon blows it picks up a significant amount of





Question: Which among the following shows the correct sequence of places in ascending order of the average summer rainfall ?

1.Jaisalmer, Pune, Allahabad, Cherapunji

2.Cherapunji, Allahabad, Pune, Jaisalmer

3.Allahabad, Pune, Jaisalmer, Cherapunji

4.None of the above

Question: Which of the following first state is the onset of monsoon?

1.Uttar Pradesh


3.West Bengal


Question: Which of the following is not a species of tropical moist deciduous forests ?





Question: Which of the following is the driest place in India ?





Question: Which of the following option is Oilfield of India has the largest quantity of recoverable reserves.?

1.Mumbai High oilfield

2.Gwalior oilfield

3.Bihar oilfield

4.Naharkatiya oilfield

Question: Which of the following statements is correct: 1. The south-west monsoon causes heavy rainfall in the Shillong plateau. 2. The north-east monsoon causes the rainfall over Orissa coast during winter.

1.1 only

2.2 only

3.Both 1 and 2

4.Both are incorrect statements.

Question: Which state has become India first carbon free state ?

1.Madhya pradesh

2.Himachal pradesh

3.Uttar pradesh


Question: Which statement is correct with regard to the erratic behavior of Indian monsoons ?

1.Uncertain date of onset and withdrawal as well as varying amounts of rainfall during different years

2.Uniform duration but varying amounts of rain from one year to another, as well as at different places

3.Uncertain date of onset and withdrawal, as well as unequal distribution of rain

4.Uniform duration but varying amounts of rain from place to place

Question: ________and _______ receives rainfall from both the SouthWest and North-West monsoons.

1.Tamil Nadu and odisha

2.Lakshadweep Islands and Nicobar islands

3.Andaman and Nicobar Islands

4.None of the above

Question: __________ which lies on Coromandel coast receives rainfall during the winter season specially in months of October and November. This happens because it falls in the way retreating of north-east monsoonal winds.



3.Tamil nadu

4.Madhya Pradesh


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