GK/Teaching And Research Sample Test,Sample questions

Question: A competent teacher must have a sound knowledge in right order

1.Concept, theory, practice and research

2.Practice, concept, theory and research

3.Practice, concept, theory and playing

4.None of the above

Question: A deepawali fair is being organized in your school. What would you like to do ?

1.To distribute free water to visitors

2.To take part in function

3.Only to visit the fair

4.To take a shop to sell something

Question: A guardian never comes to see you in school. What will you do?

1.Write to the guardian

2.Start punishing the child

3.Ignore the child

4.Go to meet him yourself

Question: A student comes late in your class. Then what will you do?

1.Punish him

2.Inform to parents

3.Not pay attention there

4.Try to know the reason

Question: A teacher asks the questions in the class to


2.Keep students busy

3.Maintain discipline

4.Attract students attention

Question: A teacher can develop social values among students by

1.Developing sense of discipline

2.Telling them about great people

3.Telling them good stories

4.Behaving ideally

Question: A teacher generally ask questions to his pupils during the lectures, why ?

1.Are students listening the lecture attentively

2.To know, which student is brilliant one

3.To know whether the students are understanding the lecture or not

4.None of the above

Question: A teacher has serious defect is he/she

1.Has weak personality

2.Is physically handicapped

3.Belongs to low socio-economic status

4.Has immature mental development

Question: A teacher is successful only if they

1.Knows his subject thoroughly well

2.Produces cent per cent result

3.Is approachable

4.None of the above

Question: A teacher learn maximum from




4.None of the above

Question: A teacher should be





Question: A teacher should keep his voice in the class

1.High enough to be heard by every student clearly

2.Loud, so that everyone can hear clearly


4.Sometime low and some time High

Question: A time bound testing programme for a students should be implemented in schools so that

1.The students can be trained for final examinations

2.The progress of the students should be informed to their parents

3.A regular practice can be carried out

4.The remedial programme can be adopted on the basis of the feedback from the results

Question: As a teacher you should not demand your pupils which is beyond the stage of growth. If you do so,it only cause ?

1.Frustrations, heighten tension and nervousness


3.Encouragement for more learning

4.Both A and C

Question: Environmental education should be taught in schools because

1.It makes learning easy

2.It develops self-confidence in children

3.It helps children in learning in natural atmosphere

4.It is helpful in intellectual development

Question: Essay type test are not reliable because of

1.Their results are different

2.Their answers are different

3.Their responding styles are different

4.Their checking is affected by examiners mood

Question: Failure of students in examination, it may be fault of



3.Student themselves

4.Both A and C

Question: Family is a means of

1.Non-formal education

2.Formal education

3.Informal education

4.Distance education

Question: For a teacher ,the most important challenge is

1.To maintain discipline in the classroom

2.To make students do their homework

3.To prepare question paper

4.To make teaching learning process enjoyable

Question: For better interaction with the students, the teachers objective should be the

1.Equitable distribution of response time


3.Affirm or correct student performance

4.All of the above

Question: How a teacher should behave with the students





Question: How can a teacher can motivate the students??

1.Giving proper guidance

2.Giving suitable prizes

3.Delivering speech in class

4.Giving examples

Question: How the students should be motivated to get success in life?

1.Incidental study

2.Selected study

3.Learning by recitation

4.Intensive study

Question: If a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?

1.As a teacher you will allow her

2.You would not give permission as it is against your own principles

3.You will never allow her suspecting a foul game

4.You will permit her because you may get in touch with her

Question: If a student does not pay any respect to you, then you will

1.Award less marks in examination

2.Ignore him

3.Rebuke him

4.Talk to his/her parents

Question: If majority of student in your class is weak you should

1.Not care about intelligent students

2.Keep your speed of teaching fast so that students comprehension level may increase

3.Keep your teaching slow which can also be helpful to bright students

4.Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright people

Question: If you are irritated and show rashness because of the inadequate behavior of another teachers, what do you think about your own behavior ?

1.Your behaviour is also a sign of maladjustment and so try to control yourself when you are maltreated

2.Your behaviour is not good because elders have the right to behave you in this way

3.It is justified because behaviours are echo lim

4.All of the above

Question: If you are unable to get a job of teacher, then you will

1.Remain at home till you get a job

2.Continue applying for teaching

3.Start giving tuition at home

4.Take some another job

Question: In context of the habit of absenteeism of student

1.The officials of the schools should take action against them as per schools discipline

2.The principal and parents should get worried

3.The teachers should take it as a serious problem

4.They should be given less priority in the class room in relation to regular students

Question: In final analysis, teacher must be thought of mainly as a process of

1.Asking questions and evaluating the learning

2.Directing the activities of pupils

3.Hearing recitation of pupils

4.All of the above

Question: Indian institute of natural resins and gums is at _______




4.All of the above

Question: Meaningful learning takes place when

1.Students are interested in topic taught

2.Explanations are given within reach of students

3.The new content being taught is related to the previous knowledge of the student

4.Students raise questions and get them clarified

Question: National council of educational research and training was established in which of the following year?





Question: Noise is known as

1.Transmitting barrier

2.Receiving barrier

3.Sender barrier

4.None of the above

Question: Personality System of education means

1.Does not inculcate a feeling of socialization in students

2.Does not inculcate a feeling of competition C.

3.Leads to wastage of time and energy

4.All of the above

Question: Recreational reading should be

1.Reserved for the school library period

2.Assigned as homework

3.A responsibility of the home not the school

4.An integral part of the language art curriculum

Question: Research is born out of

1.Human curiosity

2.Human requirement

3.Natural incidents

4.None of the above

Question: Some students send a greeting card to you on teachers day. What will you do? You will

1.Say thanks to them

2.Do nothing

3.Ask them to not to waste money

4.None of the above

Question: Teacher should study the education philosophy because

1.Philosophy is the backbone of all disciplines

2.They may improve their work by clarifying their own philosophy

3.They known that

4.None of the above

Question: Teachers professionalism means:

1.The extent to which a teacher subscribes to a professional code

2.A teacher has to teach for the sake of getting salaries

3.A teacher must have completed professional teachers training course before his appointment

4.All of the above

Question: Teachers use teaching aids for

1.Making teaching interesting

2.Making teaching with understanding level of students

3.Making student attentive

4.None of the above

Question: The best remedy of the students problems related with learning is

1.Suggestion for private tuition

2.Diagnostic teaching

3.Supervised study in library

4.Suggestion for hard work

Question: The best way by a teacher to introduce a new subject by

1.Giving a broad outline of the subject

2.Relating it to daily life situation

3.Relating it to previously studied subject or course material

4.Any of these

Question: The Dalton scheme of education is useful for which one of the following?

1.For older children

2.For infants

3.For little children

4.All of the above

Question: The essential element of the syllabus for the children remained out of school should be

1.Numerical competencies

2.Literacy competencies


4.Vocational competencies

Question: The experienced teachers do not require the detailed lesson plan of a topic because

1.When they commit some mistake, they do not face any challenge from their students

2.They can teach in a good manner without its help

3.The number of curious students is very poor in the class

4.They can equip themselves with brief outline as they gain specialisation in it through experience

Question: The final result of a study will be more accurate if the sample drawn is

1.Taken randomly

2.Fixed by quota

3.Representation to the population


Question: The first important step in teaching is

1.Planning of representation of topic or subject

2.Organizing the background of students for the subject

3.Organizing the material to be taught

4.Knowing the background of students

Question: The idea of basic education is propounded by

1.Rabindranath Tagore

2.Dr. Zakir Hussain

3.Dr. Rajendra Prasad

4.Mahatma Gandhi

Question: The ideal teacher

1.Helps his students in learning

2.Teaches the whole curriculum

3.Maintains good discipline

4.Is a friend, philosopher and guide

Question: The in-service teacher training can be made more effective by

1.Practicing training follow up procedures

2.Using co-operative approach

3.Making it a residential programme

4.Using training package which in well prepared in advance

Question: The main aim of the teaching is

1.to develop only reasoning

2.to develop only thinking

3.Both of the above

4.None of the above

Question: The most important challenge before a teacher is

1.To maintain discipline in the classroom

2.To make students do their homework

3.To prepare question paper

4.To make teaching learning process enjoyable

Question: The most important indicator of quality of education in a school is

1.Text-books and teaching-learning material

2.Infrastructural facilities of a school

3.Classroom system

4.Student achievement level

Question: The problem of drop-out in which students leave their schooling in early years can be tackled in a better way through

1.Sympathy of teachers

2.Encouragement of the students

3.Reduction of the weight of curriculum

4.Attractive environment of the school

Question: The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon

1.International support

2.The quality of teacher education

3.Infrastructural facilities

4.Financial provisions

Question: The quality of teaching is reflected

1.By the attendance of students in the class

2.By the pass percentage of students

3.By the quality of questions asked by students

4.By the duration of silence maintained in the class

Question: The success of integrated education depends on

1.The highest quality of teaching-learning material

2.The excellence of text-books

3.The support of community

4.The attitudinal changes in teachers

Question: The term least restrictive environment refers to the education of the


2.Early childhood youngsters


4.None of the above

Question: There is tension among villagers and you are teacher there. What will you do?

1.You will try to pacify them

2.You will inform gram Pradhan

3.You will keep distance from them

4.You will report to police

Question: To maintain interest among students in class, a teacher should

1.Tell stories


3.Use blackboard

4.Ask question

Question: To raise the standard of education, it is necessary

1.To revise curriculum

2.To evaluate students continuously

3.To give high salary to teachers

4.To make good school building

Question: To whom the responsibility of organisation of curricular activities should be stored with?

1.The teachers who take interest in it

2.The principal

3.The teacher who is appointed for this work


Question: UGC was established in





Question: What is the advantage of giving home work to student

1.May be checked for their progress

2.Remain busy at home

3.Study at home

4.May develop habit of self-study

Question: What is the aim of education ?

1.To develop social awareness in the students

2.To develop vocational skills in the students

3.To prepare the students for practical life

4.To prepare the students for examination

Question: What is the aim of national council for teacher education ?

1.To promote research in education

2.To open college of education

3.To provide grant to colleges of education

4.To maintain standards in colleges of education

Question: What is the best method of checking students homework ?

1.To check them with the help of specimen answer

2.To check the answers in the class in group manner

3.To assign it to intelligent students of the class

4.To check by the teacher himself in a regular way

Question: What is the most accurate statement about teaching machines ?

1.They are not as efficient as teachers in reinforcing responses

2.B.F. Skinner began the movement for their use

3.They were designed as an economy measure to replace teachers

4.They can be used for all learning programmes

Question: What is the purpose of basic education scheme ?

1.To fulfil basic need of persons through education

2.Universalization of primary education

3.To vocationalise the education

4.To make education compulsory for all

Question: What is the purpose of new education policy?

1.To link the education with employment

2.To provide equal opportunity of education to all

3.To improve the whole education system

4.To delink the degree with education

Question: What is the reason for you like teaching profession?

1.It is easy

2.It has less responsibility

3.You are interested in it

4.It provide you more holidays

Question: What will you do in leisure time in school? You will

1.Talk to clerks in office

2.Take rest in teachers room

3.Read magazines in library

4.Check home work of students

Question: When the students become failed, it can be understood that

1.The teachers failure

2.The system has failed

3.The individual students failure

4.The text-books failure

Question: When the students try to solve the questions in some different way as taught by the teacher from prescribed books, then these students should be

1.Suggested to talk with their teacher after the period

2.Discouraged to consult some other books on the subject

3.Encouraged to consult some other books on the subject

4.Suggested to follow the class room notes in order to get good mark in the examination

Question: Which characteristic from the following is least concerned with a teacher ?

1.Command over subject matter

2.Respect from college management

3.Good rapport with the students

4.Effective verbal communication

Question: Which factor is most important for formulating the curriculum ?

1.Children capabilities and needs

2.National ideology

3.Teachers ability

4.Social and cultural ideals

Question: Which is true about the teacher and teaching ?

1.Teacher should have control over the students to maintain peace and order in the class

2.Teaching should be pupil centred rather than subject centred

3.Teacher should arouse interest among students about the subject

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is a teaching aid ?

1.Working model of wind mill

2.Tape recorder

3.16 mm film projector

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is meant of information collection ?





Question: Which of the following is most important for a teacher?

1.To remove difficulties of students

2.To maintain discipline in class

3.To be punctual in class

4.To be good orator

Question: Which of the following is not adequate definition of learning ?

1.The modification of behaviour

2.The development of skills C.

3.The acquisition and organisations of knowledge

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is not suit a teacher ? the teacher is

1.Able to direct and discipline students

2.Really interested in students

3.Reluctant to adapt himself to new situation

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is the first step of research ?

1.Identification of subject

2.Identification of nature of problem

3.Both of the above

4.None of the above

Question: Which of the following is the most important trait of a student?

1.To speak truth


3.Sense of responsibility


Question: Which of the following is the most important while writing on blackboard?

1.Writing in big letters

2.Good writing

3.Clarity in writing

4.Writing in small letters

Question: Which of the following is the most important work of teacher?

1.To take care of children

2.To deliver lecture in class

3.To organize teaching work

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is the one of the most fundamental of the guidance activities should be executed first ?

1.Determination of objectives

2.Selection of curriculum

3.Determination of learning process

4.Selection of learning activities

Question: Which of the following is the quality of teacher ?

1.He should be trained to various teaching methodologies

2.He presenting the subject matter in an effective manner with clear explaining leading to better understanding of the matter

3.He should know the child psychology

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is true about the modern annual examination system ?

1.It encourages attaining knowledge by cramming

2.It does not encourage the habit of regular study

3.It does not encourage students to attain their classes regularly

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following is/are true about teaching ?

1.The analysis and assessment of teaching provide feedback for further improvement in teaching method

2.It is highly dominated by communication skill

3.It is a process not an act

4.All of the above

Question: Which of the following we should do if majority of your class are weak ?

1.Not care about intelligent students

2.Keep your speed in teaching fast so that student?s comprehension level may increase

3.Keep you teaching slowly

4.Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils

Question: Which of the following we should do if majority of your class are weak ?

1.Not care about intelligent students

2.Keep your speed in teaching fast so that student?s comprehension level may increase

3.Keep you teaching slowly

4.Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils

Question: Who can be a good teacher ?

1.Who answers all the questions asked by students

2.Whose students do not need to ask questions

3.Who never encourages children to known something not in curriculum

4.None of the above

Question: Why should a student not be punished severely?

1.He may leave the school and join another

2.He may quarrel with a teacher

3.His parent may quarrel with the teacher

4.The student may develop a negative attitude towards his studies, teacher and school

Question: Why should you prefer the teaching instead of other profession ?

1.For the service of humanity

2.For love of teaching

3.For mastery over the subject of teaching

4.None of the above

Question: Why students should play games in school?

1.It makes work easier for teachers

2.It makes them physically strong

3.It develops co-operation and physical balance

4.It helps in passing time

Question: Women are better teacher at primary level. why?

1.Higher qualification is not needed in this profession

2.They behave more patiently with children

3.They are ready to work with low salary

4.They have less chances in other profession

Question: You are teaching a topic in class and a student ask a question unrelated to the topic. What will you do ?

1.You will not allow him to ask unrelated question

2.You will allow him to ask unrelated question

3.You will consider it indiscipline and punish him

4.You will answer the question after the class

Question: You have been selected in all the four professions given below. Where would you like to go?




4.None of the above


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