Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?Competitive Exam interview questions and answers Set 4/General knowledge(GK) Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll

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What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite?

The process by which energy is generated In ‘the sun the

In an organic compound; which element is generally present in addition to hydrogen?

The Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was assassinated during the rule of

Which of the following was involved in Adipose bomb case?

Which of the following used in the ripening of fruits?

Light year used to measure

Which is common in Jainism and Buddhism both?

The headquarters Central Food Technology Research Institute is located in

By which Constitutional amendment; fundamental duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution?

Who is the writer of ‘Ad he__ Adhere’?

Tripitak a religious scripture of

The capital of Pandya dynasty was

The United Nation imposed sanctions on?? Recently due to

Which of the following diffuses at the fastest retest rate?

Which of the following inert gases is not found in atmosphere

Which water condenses into ice?

When was Television separated from Akashvini (radio) as an independent organization?

What is the rhino? s horn made of?

Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

After which famous person was the teddy bear named?

Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Who was the creator of Jeeves and Wooster?

Which is the country where reggae music originated?

What is the largest mammal in the world?

Which is the sport wherein you would use a 'sand iron'?

When did baseball originate in the US?

Which is the sport where you could be out 'leg before wicket' or 'hit a six'?

In which country was golf first played?

What is the sport in which you could get into a headlock?

Which instrument did Miles Davis; the jazz musician; play?

Which was the album the Beatles recorded the last time together?

Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?

What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as?

Which golf player's mother is from Thailand?

Which indoor sport is the most popular in the US?

Which is the country hosting the 2008 Olympic Games?

Which country has the largest area of land?

Which state is the biggest in the US?

Which is the country with the most people?

How many legs do butterflies have?

Which metal is heavier; silver or gold?

Which of the following keys of personal computer is not available in the key board of traditional typewriters?

Find the root value of 36.1 / 102.4

To work on mobile cell phone which of the following is/are required?

The headquarters of the United Nations Union is located at

Thermometer is related to degree in the same way as clock is related to

The assembly elections were held recently in two states namely

Who is the chairman of senior selection committee in BCCI?

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