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Angular JS Interview Question Set 12

 What are the controllers in AngularJS?Controllers are JavaScript functions which are used to provide data and logic to HTML UI. It acts as an interface between Server and HTML UI. Each controlle

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 11

What is the difference between the $ and the $$ prefixes?The $$ prefix is used to define a private variable in AngularJS. This is responsible for avoiding accidental code changes due to exposure to th

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Accountancy Interview Question Set 2

 What are the results Of International Accounting Standards on Accounting Practices of Developing Nations?The adoption of international accounting standards is extremely costly. Rising sections u

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 10

What can you say about the digest phase in AngularJS?The digest cycle or digest phase is the most important cycle required for the data binding process. It does the task of comparing the old version o

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 9

What does the following code do? What are the permitted values of the restrict attribute?app.directive('myFirstDirective', function() { return {   restrict: 'E',   scope: {&nb

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 8

Define $rootScope in AngularJS application.$rootScope refers to the scope object created on the DOM element containing the ng-app directive meant for bootstrapping the AngularJS application. This obje

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 6

Define AngularJS and what are its key features?AngularJS is one of the most popular, open-source, JavaScript-based frameworks, developed by Google, that was mainly built for developing large-scale, en

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 6

What is Routing?Routing is a method of merging various views. The controller takes the decision to combine these views depend on logical needs. What do you mean by isolated unit tests?Isolated te

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 5

What is a Traceur Compiler?Traceur is a JavaScript compiler that uses classes, generators, and other features from ECMAScript. How to convert a string into currency?You can convert string input i

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 4

 Explain the auto bootstrap process in AngularJSAngular initializes automatically DOMContentLoaded event or when you download angular.js script is to the browser.After this, AngularJS find the ng

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 3

 How can you set, get, and clear cookies in AngularJS?You can use:$cookies.put() method to set the cookies.$cookies.get() method to get the cookies.$cookies.remove to remove cookies in AngularJS.

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 3

Explain the concept of scope hierarchyEach angular application consists of one root scope but may have several child scopes. As child controllers and some directives create new child scopes, an applic

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 2

 What is string interpolation in Angular.JS ?In Angular.js, the compiler during the compilation process matches text and attributes. It uses interpolate service to see if they contain embedded ex

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Angular JS Interview Question Set 1

 What is AngularJS?AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for creating single web page applications. It allows you to use HTML as your template language and enables you to extend HTML’s synta

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How Is Instagram Enhancing Industrial Productivity

 How Is Instagram Enhancing Industrial Productivity? Businesses have discovered a way to take advantage of the ever-increasing use of social networking around the globe. Several organisation

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Angular Interview Question Set 15

What is Angular Framework?Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end platform that makes it easy to build applications with in web/mobile/desktop. The major features of this framework such as

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Angular Interview Question Set 14

What are Core and Shared modules for?A Shared module serves as a generic module for all modules, components, directives, pipes, etc., which are not required to be in a single copy for the application

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Angular Interview Question Set 13

What is the sequence of Angular Lifecycle Hooks? OnChange()  – OnInit() –  DoCheck() – AfterContentInit()  – AfterContentChecked() – AfterViewInit()  – AfterViewCh

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Angular Interview Question Set 12

Write an example of a simple HTML document with some header information and page content.HTML documents are all different, but they follow a basic structure of the head and body. Here you‘re checkin

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Angular Interview Question Set 11

When do we use a directive in Angular?If you create an Angular application where multiple components need to have similar functionalities, you have to do it by adding this functionality individually t

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