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Explain about the different types of partitioning in Hive?

Partitioning in Hive helps prune the data when executing the queries to speed up processing. Partitions are created when data is inserted into the table. In static partitions, the name of the partition is hardcoded into the insert statement whereas in a dynamic partition, Hive automatically identifies the partition based on the value of the partition field.

Based on how data is loaded into the table, requirements for data and the format in which data is produced at source- static or dynamic partition can be chosen. In dynamic partitions the complete data in the file is read and is partitioned through a MapReduce job based into the tables based on a particular field in the file. Dynamic partitions are usually helpful during ETL flows in the data pipeline.

When loading data from huge files, static partitions are preferred over dynamic partitions as they save time in loading data. The partition is added to the table and then the file is moved into the static partition. The partition column value can be obtained from the file name without having to read the complete file.

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