What are the downsides of Redux compared to Flux?Thunk Interview Questions for Freshers/Thunk Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What are the downsides of Redux compared to Flux?

* You will need to learn to avoid mutations: Flux is un-opinionated about mutating data, but Redux doesn't like mutations and many packages complementary to - - Redux assumes you never mutate the state. You can enforce this with dev-only packages like redux-immutable-state-invariant, Immutable.js, or instructing your team to write non-mutating code.

* You're going to have to carefully pick your packages: While Flux explicitly doesn't try to solve problems such as undo/redo, persistence, or forms, Redux has extension points such as middleware and store enhancers, and it has spawned a rich ecosystem.

* There is no nice Flow integration yet: Flux currently lets you do very impressive static type checks which Redux doesn't support yet.

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