Why Redis is fast?Redis Interview Questions for Freshers/Redis Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Why Redis is fast?

Redis is a data structure server. As a key-value data store, Redis is same as Memcached, but it has two major advantages over, support of additional datatypes and persistence. Since all of the data is stored in RAM, because of that system speed become extremely quick, sometimes perform even better that Memcached.

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What is the master-slave replication model of the Redis cluster?

What is the advantages and disadvantages of JEDIS and Redisson?

What is the case of the Redis cluster?

How to delete all the cache using pRedis in php?

What is use of MGET in Redis?

Enlist major Redis commands?

Redis Other implementation of transaction

How to empty a Redis Database?

Please mention some operation keys of Redis?

How to install Redis Ubuntu?

Redis How many databases are there by default db Action ?

Why? redis You need to put all the data in memory ?

How we can use Redis With .net Application?

Is using Redis together with an on-disk database a good idea?

How Do I Move A Redis Database From One Server To Another?

Why Redis Is Different As Compared To Other Key-value Stores?

How can you use Redis with .Net application?

How can you enhance the durability of Redis?

We all know that Reds is fast, but is it also durable?

How to empty a redis database?

What is the difference between Redis and RocksDB?

Mention what are the things you have to take care while using Redis?

Redis List data-type.

Files will keep on growing as long as AOF executed. Won’t it consume more memory? What is the solution provided by redis?

Difference between Redis replication and sharding?

How can you improve the durability in Redis?

Does Redis give speed and durability both?

Which PHP module can be used with Redis?

How redis achive persistence by AOF?

How Redis achieve persistence by Snapshotting?

Isn’t the Redis data lost if there’s a system crash?

What is in-memory Database?

List the programming languages supported by Redis?

List some Redis Clients supported by PHP?

List the data structures supported by Redis.

What are Redis Hashes?

What is ZSET in Redis?

Mention few LIST operations in REDIS.

REDIS is fast, but is it also durable?

What is redis-cli.

Difference between SET and MSET command in REDIS.

In which language Redis is developed?

Explain Replication in Redis.

What programming languages does Redis support?

What are the advantages of Redis over a hash table?

Why is Redis faster than SQL?

Why Redis is fast?

What is Spring Session Data Redis?

What is in-memory Database

What is Redis?

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