What is the port number for NameNode?Hadoop interview question set 1/Apache Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What is the port number for NameNode?

The port number for NameNode is 50070.

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Write the command used to copy data from the local system onto HDFS?

Explain the usage of Context Object.

Whenever a client submits a hadoop job, who receives it?

What is a rack awareness and on what basis is data stored in a rack?

How can you skip the bad records in Hadoop?

What is the process to change the files at arbitrary locations in HDFS?

Where does Hive store the table data by default?

Explain what happens if during the PUT operation, HDFS block is assigned a replication factor 1 instead of the default value 3.

Explain about the process of inter cluster data copying.

What is the default replication factor?

What is commodity hardware?

What is DistCp?

Mention features of Apache sqoop.

What do you mean by SerDe in Hive? Explain.

Mention a business use case where you worked with the Hadoop Ecosystem

What is Big Data?

What is meant by over/under- replicated blocks in Hadoop?

Explain the difference between HBase and Hive.

Explain the three core methods of a reducer.

What are the Benefits of using zookeeper?

What is Apache ZooKeeper?

How can you restart the NameNode in Hadoop?

What makes Hadoop Fault tolerant?

How will you choose various file formats for storing and processing data using Apache Hadoop ?

What are the steps involved in deploying a big data solution?

What are the most commonly defined input formats in Hadoop?

What is the best hardware configuration to run Hadoop?

What are the main components of a Hadoop Application?

On what concept the Hadoop framework works?

List the YARN components.

What is Yarn?

What is Apache Pig?

What is an Apache Hive?

What is Hadoop MapReduce?

What is the port number for NameNode?

Explain how data is stored in a rack.

Compare HDFS with Network Attached Storage (NAS).

What is meant by a block and block scanner?

What is indexing? How is indexing done in HDFS?

Explain the difference between HDFS and regular FileSystem.

What is shuffling in MapReduce?

What are the Limitations of Hadoop 1.0 ?

Name some companies that use Hadoop.

What are some limitations of Hadoop?

What are the three modes in which Hadoop runs?

How big data analysis helps businesses increase their revenue? Give example.

What do the four V’s of Big Data denote?

Explain the Storage Unit In Hadoop (HDFS).

What are the challenges faced with Big Data, and why do we use Hadoop for Big Data?

What is Apache Hadoop?

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