Difference between next and continue clauseCOBOL interview question set 2/COBOL Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

Difference between next and continue clause

The difference between the next and continue verb is that in the continue verb it is used for a situation where there in no EOF condition that is the records are to be accessed again and again in an file, whereas in the next verb the indexed file is accessed sequentially, read next record command is used.

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How do we get current date from system with century?

Difference between next and continue clause

Why occurs can not be used in 01 level ?

You are writing report program with 4 levels of totals: city, state, region and country. The codes being used can be the same over the different levels, meaning a city code of 01 can be in any number of states, and the same applies to state and region code so how do you do your checking for breaks and how do you do add to each level?

How Do You Define A Variable Of Comp-1 And Comp-2?

How Is Sign Stored In A Comp Field?

How do you declare a host variable (in COBOL) for an attribute named Emp-Name of type VARCHAR(25) ?

What Is An In Line Perform? When Would You Use It? Anything Else You Wish To Say About It?

What is a report item?

What are literals?

How many bytes S(8) comp field occupy and its maximum value?

Which of the Search verbs is equivalent to PERFORM…VARYING?

Why does the file always need to be opened in I-O mode for REWRITE purposes?

Explain Call By Context By Comparing It To Other Calls?

What Is The Difference Between A Subscript And An Index In A Table Definition?

What guidelines should be followed to write a structured Cobol prg'm?

What will happen if you code GO BACK instead of STOP RUN in a stand alone COBOL program i.e. a

program which is not calling any other program.

What Is The Default Value(s) For An Initialize And What Keyword Allows For An Override Of The Default?

What is the difference between a binary search and a sequential search? What are the pertinent COBOL


What is the sorting order for SEARCH ALL?

What is the use of INTIALIZE verb in Cobol?

How do you reference the following file formats from COBOL programs?

In a COBOL II PERFORM statement, when is the conditional tested, before or after the perform execution?

What is the difference between a subscript and an index in a table definition?

When is a scope terminator mandatory?

What are the different rules of SORT operation?

How To Execute A Set Of Jcl Statements From A Cobol Program?

Give Some Advantages Of Redefines Clause?

What Do You Feel Makes A Good Program?

What is the difference between a binary search and a sequential search?

What is binary search?

How to find out the current date from a system with the century?

What guidelines should be followed to write a structured COBOL program?

What are the guidelines one must follow while writing a structured COBOL program?

What is the meaning of Pic 9v99?

What Is The Importance Of Global Clause According To New Standards Of Cobol?

What is the function of REPLACING in a COPY statement?

Why occurs cannot be used in 01 level ?

Can JUSTIFIED be used for all the data types?

Give some advantages of REDEFINES clause.

What is an in line PERFORM? When would you use it? Anything else to say about it?

What is an explicit scope terminator?

What are the differences between COBOL and COBOL II?

What is the difference between COMP & COMP-3 ?

How is sign stored in Packed Decimal fields and Zoned Decimal fields?

What is a scope terminator? Give examples.

Define an in-line PERFORM?

How can you define LOCAL-STORAGE SECTION?

What are the differences between Structured COBOL Programming and Object-Oriented COBOL programming?

What is the role played by the ACCEPT verb?

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