What does singleton Design Pattern do ?Design patterns interview questions part 1/Design Patterns Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What does singleton Design Pattern do ?

It ensures that a class has only one instance, and provides a global point of access to it.

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What is Decorator pattern?

What does proxy pattern do?

What is SOLID?

When to use the Template method?

Which are J2EE Design Patterns?

What is a command pattern?

What is Chain of Responsibility?

Mention what is the difference between VO and JDO?

Mention what is the limitation of using singleton pattern?

What is Object Pool?

Mention which classes in JDK uses singleton pattern?

Mention what is the difference between “throw” and “throws”?

What specific problems builder pattern solves?

Difference between Factory and Strategy Design Pattern?

When will you prefer to use a Factory Pattern?

Can we create a clone of a singleton object?

Can you write thread-safe Singleton in Java?

Mention what is the difference between “throw” and “throws”?

Explain how can you prevent creating another instance of singleton using clone() method?

Explain in singleton pattern whether it is better to make the whole getinstance() method synchronized or just critical section is enough? Which one is preferable?

Mention which pattern is useful when one has to pass data with multiple attributes in one shot from client to server?

Mention why access to the non-static variable is not allowed from static method in Java?

What is Adapter design pattern ? Give examples of adapter design pattern in Java?

Give example of decorator design pattern in Java ? Does it operate on object level or class level ?

What is observer design pattern in Java

What is main benefit of using factory pattern ? Where do you use it?

Can you name few design patterns used in standard JDK library?

Mention which design pattern will be helpful to add new functionality to an existing object?

Mention which pattern is used when we need to decouple an abstraction from its implementation?

When service locator pattern is used?

Which design pattern is used to get a way to access the elements of a collection object in sequential manner?

Do you think using a prototype design pattern is better than creating an instance using the new keyword? If so, why?

Describe the singleton pattern and your top advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

How is the bridge pattern different from the adapter pattern?

In your opinion, what are the advantages of the builder design pattern?

In what order would you describe a design pattern in its documentation?

Differentiate factory and abstract factory design patterns.

Describe the factory pattern.

What are the different categories of design patterns?

Design ATM Machine ?

When do you overload a method in Java and when do you override it?

Design a Vending Machine which can accept different coins, deliver different products?

In how many ways can you create singleton pattern in Java?

When to use Singleton?

What does singleton Design Pattern do ?

What Are Disadvantages of Design Patterns?

Explain the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)?

What is Proxy pattern?

What is Dependency Injection?

What is Design Patterns and why anyone should use them?

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