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How can you sort the elements of the array in descending order??

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How can we check whether a dataset is empty or not in

Is it possible to inherit a class that has only private constructor?

How do you choose 1 entry point when C# project has more Main( ) method?

What is C# reserved keyword ?Give List.

Sealed class can be inherited ?Yes/No

It is not permitted to declare modifier on the members in an interface definition?

How Interface members can be declare ?

Which method is implicitly called when an object is created ?

Constructors can not be static?Yes/NO

Which preprocessor directive are used to mark that contain block of code is to be treated as a single block?

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For performing repeated modification on string which class is preferred?

In order to use stringbuilder in our class we need to refer??

Gives the a member of stringbuilder.

Which method is actually called ultimately when Console.WriteLine( ) is invoked?

What happens when you create an arraylist as ArrayList Arr=new ArrayList()?

What is the output of Vectors.RemoveAt(1)?

GetEnumerator( ) of Ienumerable interface returns ?

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If A.equals(B) is true then A.getHashcode & B.getHashCode must always return same hash code in c#?

The assembly class is defined in??

What is the first step to do anything with assembly??

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Assemblies cannot be loaded side by side??

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Where does the version dependencies recorded ?

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How do you make a class not instantiable??

In a multilevel hierarchy how are the constructors are called ??

Which utility is used to create resource file ??

What is the extension of a resource file??

A shared assembly must have a strong name to uniquely identify the assembly??

Where Public policy applies in C#??

Stream object can not be initialized?T/F

What is base class of stream??

Which class use to Read/Write data to memory in C#

To Configure .Net for JIT activation what do you do ??

Which method is used by COM+ to ascertain whether class can be pooled??

How do you import Activex component in to .NET ??

.Net Remoting doesn't allow creating stateless & stateful Remote objects?Explain.

Windows services created by C# app run only?Yes/No?How?

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What is an indexer in C#

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What is the use of fixed statement?

Can static methods be overridable?

In C# a technique used to stream the data is known as??

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How can you sort the elements of the array in descending order??

Is it possible to Override Private Virtual methods?

What does the volatile modifier do?

What is the C# equivalent of System.Single?

How you can implement a single line comments ??

Code running under the control of CLR is often referred as

When and how Platform specific code is obtained ??

Explain How ?Intermediate Language also facilitates language interoperability.

What are the important features of IL?

NET interfaces are not derived from IUnknown & they do not have associated GUID's?

in which of the languages Code written in C# can not used .

Is it possible to debug the class written in other .Net languages in a C# project.

What is a subclass of Value Type class??

What is a subclass of reference type ??

Which is .NET s answer to Memory Management??

.NET run time relies on the object reference counts to manage memory?

What are Namespaces?

Gives keywords is used along with Main function in C# ?

What are basic need to have an entry point of an apllication??

What does Main method returns in C# ?

What happens if we refer a variable which in not initialized in C# ?

Where Instantiating a reference object requires the use ??

Which of the member is not a member of Object?

Which of the escape sequence is used for Backspace?

If you need your own implementation of Equals method of object what needs ?

The condition for If statement in C# is enclosed with in??

For Each statement implicitly implements which interface?

Which modifiers hides an inherited method with same signature??

How we can get the capacity of an array in C#?

Array declaration in C# is done with??

Which operator is used for TypeCasting??

If we need to compare X to a value 3 how do we do it in C#?

What is equivalent valie of X=X+1??

How do you make CLR enforce overflow checking ?

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Which of these operator has the Highest Precedence??

Which of the following explicit type conversion is achieved with out loosing the original data value??

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The field variables in a class or a struct in C# are by default given a value of zero ??

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What is JIT?

What is JIT?

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